March 28th 2011 Press Release


LandscapeHD launches the world’s highest quality television channel, to be broadcast free via the “cloud”, at MIP 2011.

The Landscape Channel is pleased to announce the launch of the
world’s highest quality television channel at MIP (the international television conference taking place in Cannes 4th – 7th April). LandscapeHD will broadcast its free to air channel in 1920 x 1080 progressive format (1080p), using innovative “cloud” technology developed by London based company Re:fine, experts in delivering digital content to an International market. LandscapeHD is the highest quality international channel available at the time of launch. Its unique music television format means the channel broadcasts only the world’s finest classical and instrumental music, with each track carefully crafted to stunning images of natural and man-made subjects. The programming has no language content, allowing it to broadcast in all countries without cultural or linguistic barriers. LandscapeHD is a truly global television concept and is a development from the standard definition channel which has run in Europe for the last 24 years. Cloud delivery makes the channel available instantly to television distributors worldwide, as the first linear “cloud channel”. Nick Austin, Chairman of LandscapeHD commented, "Technology has made enormous advances in the way people access television content and there is a huge demand for HD programming worldwide. Now is the optimum time for us to be launching our new HD programming. There are 150 million HD ready televisions in Europe, but only 8m in pay television packages. Broadcasting via the cloud will allow IPTV and broadcast companies anywhere in the world to provide LandscapeHD to their customers, as the highest quality free to air channel. This will change the face of broadcasting over the next decade and change the way we do business forever”. If you are interested in finding out more about LandscapeHD’s free programming and innovative cloud-based distribution system, or if you would like to set up a meeting with the channel at MIP 2011, please contact Jess Brown For contact at MIP call Tara Austin on +44 (0) 7990 565 888.

Notes to Editors:

The Landscape Channel was first broadcast on Europe’s ASTRA
satellite in 1987. Set up by Nick Austin, founder of the Beggar’s Banquet record label, it is a music television channel for the otherwise unexploited classical and instrumental music genres. Using language-less programming the channel creates quality music videos that showcase the beauty of the natural and man-made world, under the tag-line ‘Beautiful Music, Beautiful World’. Having recently undergone an overhaul from standard definition to stunning HD the channel now encompasses the newest and most innovative technologies.
Please visit for more information, or watch the demo standard definition broadcasts on SKY203 from 6am - 12 noon every day.

About Re:fine:

Re:fine is a leading independent media asset management company providing technology solutions that help broadcasters, production companies, TV distributors and multichannel operators manage their content in the most cost-efficient way. Our technology is based on the state-of-the art automated content management system, which controls the entire content flow from initial content ingest to digital archiving to multiplatform content steaming and playout. Re:fine’s core competence is based on the in-house developed media broadcast TV and media management portal solutions supported by superior infrastructure, connectivity, and flexible customer service.